KiboWorks designs and manufactures many types of LED panels and products. The KIBO X16 Panel is one of our most popular designs. Its simplicity and thin design allows a final display to be less than 20mm or .75 inches thick. The KiboWorks X16 Tile with 10 mm pixel pitch has a robust and ergonomic frame design reducing frame thickness to a minumum and allows for fast and easy build-up of LED video walls.

Flexible | Modular | Creative

LED pitch or spacing can be varied as client requires, our most popular are 25mm and 10mm pitch. Imagine what you can do when the LED panel is less than .25 in or 6mm thick. Electrical LVDS data connection via molex microfit connectors. Mounting provisions via 6-32 screw holes in 6 to 10 positions based on panel design and led pitch. Power connection via molex microfit connectors.

The Tile employed Kiboworks simple and flexible LED drive processor whihc also controls the other X16 LED video display products, ensuring bright and optimal image quality in a variety of outdoor and indoor LED display applications and consumes only a fraction of the power consumption and heat generation of other LED displays. For the theatrical projects this unit supports a variety of gamma tables to ensure the LED panel can display the full spectrum of color even when stage lighting is at minimum levels. Advanced features include color correction per pixel, color adjustment per panel. In addition pixel duplication, addressing and built in test patterns makes this unit far easier to install than existing products.


Fully customizable
Nichia or Cree quality LEDs
LVDS Macroblock 6024 protocol input
Artnet compatible with Kibo Interfaces
Earth shield for solid grounding from EMI
Five gamma correction options
Variety of LED packages and drivers supported
Built in test patterns and effects
Per LED pixel color correction
Per Panel color adjustment
Pixel data grouping or multiplier
16 bit three channel color control


  • Mechanical
  • HousingClear Polycarbonate with White Base and Clip
  • ConnectorsMolex Microfit
  • Overall Dimensions304.8mm (L) x 304.8mm (W) x 6mm (H)
  • Rated Life75,000 Hours
  • Beam Spread120° x 120°
  • Pitch10mm | 25mm | Custom
  • +
  • MountingM4 Screw hole based on board design
  • Brightness5000 - 9000 nits
  • Electrical
  • Input Voltage Range5Vdc
  • Power Consumption43.2 Watts per Tile
  • Refresh Rate3khz to 24khz
  • Environmental
  • Operating Temperature+10°C to +40°C
  • Operating Relative Humidity90%
  • IP RatingIP20 Dry location only
  • CertificationCE | RoHS
  • Warranty3 Year
  • Control
  • ProtocolsStream | DMX512 | ArtNet