X16 Power & Power slim dot are ultra-bright, fully-customizable solution for creative and demanding media projects based in the X16 familty of direct-view pixel luminaires designed for creative urban concepts such as media facades, curtain walls and low-density video displays.

Flexible | Modular | Creative

KiboWorks designs and manufactures many types of LED Dots and products for façades and curtain walls. The KiboWorks X16 Façade dot is a design based around a standardized façade LED connector available from Molex. The LED system has been designed and tested to the difficult standards for façade lighting. IP67 for extreme weather resistance. UL UV A/B tested for plastic stability for long term sunlight exposure. Nichia and Cree long term life LEDs, quality design utilizing encapsulated modules, conformal coated electronics, UV stabile plastic and long life electrical components, makes it ideal for installations where service is difficult and failure free operation is required.

All X16 Dot products can be DMX, serial or TTL controlled to frame rates exceeding 100 FPS with color resolution of 48bits RGB exceeding billions of shades. Its simplicity and modular design makes it ideal for the final display surface to be easily serviced. The LED system allows for LED Dots to be replaced without the use of tools from the surface of the façade. LED wattage, color and brightness can be varied as the client’s budget requires. Most popular is lumen brightness exceeding 200 lumens. The X16 dot products are often built to custom spec since they last over a decade. Our experiences over two decades ensures we are well stocked with replacement parts for each project´s warrant terms.


Fully customizable
Individually controllable Dots
Multiple controller options
Nichia or Cree LEDs the best quality available
White color temp from 2700-8000K
Various Dot spacing's available
42 to 465 lumens per dot as may be required
ArtNet or DMX controllable
110 degree viewing angle
Optional White diffused or clear lens
Optional mounting bracket front or rear mount


  • Mechanical
  • HousingClear Polycarbonate with clear silicone
  • MaterialUL V94, UL8750 and UL-UV stabile plastic
  • ConnectorsIDC 4 contact connectors for flat cable
  • Overall Dimensions45mm (H) x 43.68mm (Ø)
  • Frame Rate100 Frames per second
  • Output42 - 465 Lumens per LED
  • Rated Life70,000 Hours
  • Dot PitchVariable
  • MountingFront | Rear bracket
  • ReplacementSocket and replacea ble LED fixture design
  • Electrical
  • Input Voltage Range12 - 48Vdc
  • Power Consumption1 - 5 Watts based on LED
  • Environmental
  • Operating Temperature20C to +50C
  • Operating Relative Humidity100%
  • IP RatingIP67 Outdoor
  • CertificationCE | RoHS
  • Warranty3 - 10 Years
  • Control
  • ProtocolsStream | DMX512 | ArtNet
  • Dot ProtocolsSiti | MySemi | Macroblock
  • Gamma5 Curve options
  • Color Control5 16 Bit 3 channel
  • Colour CorrectionPixel by Pixel
  • Pixel SetsGrouping and Multiplier