X16 6 Dot Addressible Pixel

KiboWorks designs and manufactures many types of LED Dots and products for curtain walls. The X16 Multi is a string of encapsulated, super bright, RGB LEDs and are fully customizable and can be manufactured to your specifications. Each pixel on the string is individually addressable for independent control of colour, special effects, and animation using KiboWorks StreamTM or DMX512 protocols. The 16bit colour provides a rich selection of hues and brightness of colours ranging from soft pastels to saturated rich tones.

High reliability, quality design utilizing encapsulated modules, UV stable plastic and long life electrical components, makes it ideal for installations where service is difficult and failure free operation is required. The X16 Multi's simplicity and thin design makes it ideal for the final display surface to be less than 11mm thick. Its size at 35mm by 35mm makes it a perfect fit for international curtain wall designs and its clear low contrast nature makes it virtually disappear during the day and night. LED count, wattage, white temperature and brightness can be varied to client requirements.

X16 Dot Multi Highlights
42 lumens per dot
Direct view pixel
Optional dome diffuser
50 pixels per string
70mm, 100mm and 305mm standard pitch
Custom pitches available

KiboWorks X16 Multi is a perfect solution for integrating LED video technology into façades, stage designs, store fronts, ceilings or any other structure, indoors or out. The X16 Multi reliability is based on many years of electronics experience and development with products still in the field after 10 years of constant use.

Kiboworks has designed and developed leading edge led products over the past 15 years and as a leading innovator has offered long term commitment on its products, as far back as 2004 Kiboworks was offering 10 year warranty on its products and systems. X16 Multi continues this commitment to quality and customer service with 10 year warranty covering any defects in material and performance or workmanship and provides a full replacement or repair within the warranty period.