X16 Dot Addressible Pixel

KiboWorks X16 Dots are flexible, modular, and a lightweight video display system comprised of individually addressable color changing nodes that are low profile and self contained. Their unique transparent quality makes them ideal for architectural and video applications.

The X16 Dot can be integrated in to many different surfaces such as metal and composite cladding. Offering new possibilities for architectural lighting displays indoors and out. Each string of Dots can be custom designed with a variety of pitch sizes between dots and number of dots on the string for maximum flexibility.

Strings of X16 dots can be configured in any free form shape desired and has been used in many installations throughout the world, creating amazing displays in architectural, retail, and hospitality environments. X16 Dots can be controlled by DMX, ArtNet, sACN and Stream and our protocol translators can adapt to handle any protocol.