KiboWorks LED Ceiling System

Limitless from KiboWorks is a modular light system designed specifically for backlighting diffused surfaces in ceilings and walls. For the first time the advantages of highquality LED technology can be combined with technical fabrics and other architectural materials offering new lighting solutions for museums, reception areas, showrooms, offices and public buildings.

Limitless modules are designed as standard ceiling tiles with led boards in strips or a lattice for optimal coverage and maximum light output in white colour temperatus from 2700K to 6500K and multicolored RGB. KiboWorks uses its led expertise to support architects, designers and artists in achieving optimal lighting results, the modules comprise Led boards capable of static or dynamic colour change including tuneable white and a modular connection system that allows many led boards to be designed in a number of free form and geometric shapes.

Power and dynamic control are located remotely allowing complete design freedom and quick access for any required maintenance. Limitless can be easily mounted in to ceilings and walls and diffused using fabric or plastics to produce large scale homogeneous surfaces of light.

LED Ceiling System Highlights
Ultra smooth dimming 0 to 100%
Superior homogeneous light
Easy system connection
Field cuttable modules
Custom size & shapes
Remote power & data drivers

Modular lighting solution for backlit surfaces and materials.

Limitless can be connected to form large areas of illumination and at the same time maintain precise colour temperature control ensuring each led over the entire surface is able to achieve advanced color consistency and maintain it throughout the life of the installation. This technology also extends to dynamic control ensuring ultrasmooth dimming from 0 – 100% which ever protocol you want to use.

KiboWorks has always taken a comprehensive approach to LED lighting projects, one that goes beyond installing luminaires to encompass all key areas of LED technology including, remote power distribution, dynamic control, compact, robust and reliable connections, effective cable management and system redundancy that ensures that lighting professionals, designers and Architects get the best possible results without compromise.

Kiboworks has designed and developed leading edge led products over the past 15 years and as a leading innovator has offered long term commitment on its products, as far back as 2004 Kiboworks was offering 10 year warranty on its products and systems. Limitless continues this commitment to quality and customer service with Limitless 10 year warranty covering any defects in material and performance or workmanship and provides a full replacement or repair within the warranty period.