KiboWorks Din Rail Braincell

The Kiboworks Din Rail Braincell is designed primarily for integration in to PDMs (Power Distribution Modules ) and power boards and offers a modular control solution for LED lighting applications The Kiboworks braincell technology platform offers simple and modular led control in robust power and data solutions. Braincells come in a variety of control protocols both DMX and 0-10V are supported.

Braincell types
DMX Input to 2 PWM Outputs
0-10V Input to 2 PWM Outputs
0-10V Input to Cool/Warm white LED mixing
0-10V Input to DMX Conversion
DMX to DMX Repeater

The need for flexibility throughout the life cycle of a led lighting system has never been greater.

Control enabled power panels offer flexibility and reduced costs over distributed low voltage power controllers which might require additional manpower and plant for access. Braincells have been designed to be quickly integrated in to power panels for low voltage UL8750 Led lighting installations.

The braincell key features a unique braincell to braincell IR (infared) data passthru, this allows rows of braincells to pass data without the need for cabling, This eliminates the pull down of the signal and eliminates the 2 data wires.

Braincell internal Fusing.

The BrainCell is designed to provide a compliant class II output for UL8750 devices. The unit contains internal fusing to protect the class 2 UL8750 outputs. The braincell outputs are rated at 4 Amps at 24Vdc and 5 Amps at 12Vdc.

Braincell IR Link.

The BrainCell is designed to pass data between units via an IR Link. The decals between the IR Link Transmitter and Receiver need to be removed to be enabled. This eliminates the need for data wiring between the units.

Conversion of 0-10V to DMX using IR link.

The BrainCell can be used to take in a single 0-10V signal and convert to DMX using the IR link. Each BrainCell has two Link Decals, one for transmitter side and one for receiver side. Remove the Link decals on the two units that need to be linked on the sides that touch. The BrainCell receiving 0-10V will be on the right. The DMX BrainCell will be on the left. The IR Link will pass data from the 0-10V to the DMX unit.

The DMX BrainCell will output DMX via the D+ and D- terminals. This is an ideal solution to dimmers which do not have the drive ability for large networks of 0-10V units or systems that have a mix of 0-10V and DMX. The DMX signal can be routed to another BrainCell up to 4000 feet away.