KiboWorks Braincell

The Braincell is a multi-platform control solution which accepts DMX512, 0-10V, or Fiber DMX data and output 3's independent channels of pulse width modulated signals with a common UL class 2 (<100 Watt) V+

The KiboWorks Braincell has a number of advanced features which include special built in effects that can be selected by a button on the front of the Braincell. DMX brightness compensation allows DMX brightness to be adjusted depending on the fixture brightness, allowing fixtures of differing brightness to be adjusted without the need of reprogramming the DMX sequence, this allows one fixture 100% brightness at 100% DMX and a second fixture at 50% brightness with 100% DMX. DMX brightness compensation can be set during DMX addressing. .

Braincell types
DMX input to RGB output
DMX Fiber slave input to RGB output
0-10V Input to mixer and dimmer output
DMX input to DMX Fiber master
0-10V input to DMX mixer and dimmer output

KiboWorks braincell has been designed for both architectural and entertainment lighting applications, in theatrical installations the BrainCell uses Gamma dimming to ensure the LED product can display the full spectrum of color without any sudden jump in brightness from 0 to the value of 1, ideal for stage lighting which must transition from darkness to a hint of color, unlike traditional dimmers.

Advanced features include special built in effects selected by a button. The 0-10V signal dimming is linear on all three outputs, giving ultra-smooth dimming down to 0.1%. In addition one output is inverted to support warm cool white light mixing with a single 0-10V slider giving smooth transitional dimming for tunable white with a single wall slider. The onboard push button switch makes addressing quick and simple for anyone to program, simply send white on the DMX address or channel you wish the unit to adopt, it will assume that address from the master. It's small size allows for easy placement into junction boxes or simply tuck out of view and pluggable terminal blocks eliminate specialized tools or connectors. The Braincell PWM Led dimmer is compatible with virtually all 12-24V RGB LED tapes, LED strips and fixtures.